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WTF101 Ep. 1 Review – Parasites

CollegeHumor had done it again. What could be more fun than to learn new things through the use of humor?

WTF101 is a new show on Dropout that follows the adventures led by Professor Foxtrot and her students in detention. This episode dealt with Parasites. I mean, come on. we all know a few parasites. There’s the parasite we all know of because it appeared in a video that was sent to us on Whatsapp or Facebook. Or leeches, those are the most famous. But this show didn’t just show the obvious – it showed the “WTF” parasites. I mean, a parasite that eats your tongue and then replaces it?! that’s crazy! I personally knew about the sting one (for me that was the whatsapp video).

At the end of the ‘adventure’, they are back in class and the professor shows on the screen some real footage of the parasites discussed in addition to others while the credits roll.

This show has a bit of a “Rick & Morty” vibe mixed with the regular crazy CollegeHumor vibe. The professor is not a known cast member on CH, but I like how the known and loved ones have adapted their voices for these kid characters.

It’s also a very consumable format. The first episode was less than 10 minutes, and that is the type of episode you can watch on many opportunities. For example, I set aside 2 hours each week for Fantasy High. It’s a show I love, but I also understand that I need to prepare my schedule to watch it. WTF101 knows we have time constraints. It can be viewed anywhere and whenever.

Overall, I feel like I’m going to like this show very much. Mike Trapp, the creator of the show, did an outstanding job in adding actual content aside from the laughs, and a show that teaches me something new AND makes me laugh? That show is a winner in my eyes.

Here’s the link for Dropout subscribers: Parasites

Let me know what you think in the comments! Do you like it?
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