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ShadowHunters Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Disclaimer!! I’ve read the books this show is based on. All of them. Expect the consequences 🙂 Oh! and obviously – spoilers!
ShadowHunters tells the story of a young girl named Clary Fray. She is a 18 year old girl who’s anxious to get accepted into Art School. Little do Clary know that her whole life is about to change. The show starts with the introduction of the Shadow Hunters later to be known as Alec, Jace and Isabelle. they shadow a person who is very clearly not human and is actively leading them into a night club of not-so-much humans. There we finally meet with the protagonist of the show – Clary. She is clearly pissed Jace bumped into her. Shockingly, he asks her if she can see him. Like you I was wondering where this would go from here and fortunately they did the awfully famous trick of “x hours earlier”. From there is builds on so let me just share what I thought of some specific important moments.
The choice of cast for this show, which is clearly different from the ShadowHunters movie that I still haven’t seen, is surprisingly accurate! I did imagine Clary from the books to be a bit Tom-boyish and she is clearly smaller than TV Clary but it fits all the same. TV Clary is doing a good job of showing the deterministic quality book-Clary had always shown.
Jace pretty much fits the role. Ignoring the fact that he should be a lot taller than Clary in the books and should also be a lot whiter skin-wise, he’s personality seems close enough. TV Jace is all business and some small jokes. This behavior is in contrast to the Book Jace where he is actually joking about everything and everyone and sometimes being cruel to people and pretty much wants to die in battle. TV Jace is more of a leader while in my opinion Book-jace is more of an Anti leader.
Isabelle. Well. What can I say? her beauty certainly fits the role. Book Isabelle always reminded somewhat of a rocker girl. high heels, short skirts and all that. TV Isabelle seems to lack some of that while still retaining the awesomeness of Book-Isabelle’s style.
Alec is the one character whom I can say is pretty much consistent among the book and the show. I can say this because Alec never took center stage and was always very aloof in the books as well. TV Alec has those blank expressions sometimes which is the only thing I’m not so okay with. Book-Alec consistent with TV-Alec is an Archer. Archers do not have blank expressions. Book-Alec was always full of purpose and never looked lost. So in all other respects Alec is the most consistent character with the books in my opinion.
Also one thing I really liked that they changed was that Clary arrived home before the circle could kidnap her mother and her mother actually explained some stuff to her before sending her through a portal to Luke.
Talking about Luke – him being a cop instead of a book seller is a nice touch. This can actually fill some blanks.
Dat or Dorothea in the books is an old women. replacing her with a young women kinda loses the “magic” but still the experience was good. Magnus Bane is also looking like a young man instead of a man in his 40’s. In the books Magnus is somewhere around 400-800 years old because warlocks are immortal but they aren’t like vampires. They do change and become “older” with time as opposed to vampires who only grow their mind while their body is simply an animated, beautifully preserved corpse.
Talking about vampires reminds me I haven’t shared my 2 cents about Simon yet. Well, Simon of the TV show is still simon but an advanced version. Book-simon doesn’t have a girlfriend. He simply can’t have a girlfriend until one point in the books(which I won’t spoil now). Also, TV-Simon is kind of working out? Book-simon is a little chubby(come on a little!). Book-Simon has a band of boys. TV-Simon is in a band with Maureen.(don’t get me started about Maureen, she is around 12 in the books)
I loved it that from the beginning it is implied that because Clary has reached adulthood, meaning 18 years old, everything is changing. The amulet is pretty much a 4th wall breaker in my opinion. In the books, clary never had it or something like it to allow her to realize what is happening with her mother after she is taken captive. Also, in the books Jocelyn(Clary’s mother) never prepares her for what is to come and never gives Clary her stele. In the books, there isn’t a big fight in pandemonium only one blue-haired demon dies. No fancy introduction to the rest. when she comes home, Clary is being scolded by her mother for staying out late. The Day after, Clary and her mother fight because Joeclyn want to move out of New York – Unexpectedly. This triggers Clary to leave the house and then get a call from her mom not to come back and to get Luke.
This is entirely different from what happens on the show and I guess I can see the logic in this. In the books Clary is only 15 years old at the start of the series. She isn’t considered an adult yet. Being an adult in the TV show can trigger different behavior towards you. Also, TV-Clary says her mother can’t keep a secret from her while Book-Clary complains to Simon about not knowing anything about her mother’s past.
There are many small differences from the books which are essentially a nice touch and consistent with this point of view that Clary and co’s starting point is 18 y/o and not 15 year old kids. The episode ends with Clary having to choose who to go with, Simon who represents her old life or Jace who represents her new ShadowHunter life.
All in all, I’m really excited to see where this goes and I will have a lot to share regarding the next episodes too! Stay tuned.

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