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It has been a long time.
I haven’t posted in here during 2018 at all.
A lot has happened, and I want to share those stories with you.
During 2018 I finally graduated from College with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I finally started working in Software Development and left the field of Quality Assurance. I’ve been in two relationships which did not come to fruition but did teach me valuable lessons about life and love. The mother of my children is still out there somewhere. I’ve chosen between a book I wrote but didn’t feel ready to release and a fantasy book that was only a mere idea – but felt like the right course of action. I started writing that latter book. During NaNoWriMo, I’ve written around 20k words. The goal was about 50k words. I haven’t given up on the story.
2018 was also the year I have decided I had enough of how money works in the traditional sense. Millennials like me are no longer tied to the conventional idea of a salary each month. We came to this world to ask lots of questions with the leading one being: “Why?”
Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t people earn a living by fulfilling their dreams? Why do people need to make a living by achieving other peoples’ goals?

So, I made a change. I promised myself things would be different from now on. With my knowledge in Computer Science, I designed a course and uploaded it to Udemy. This happened only two weeks before writing these words. I did get a generally positive vibe from the class, and I already have more than one hundred and forty students.

Still, something was missing like that feeling when you forgot something after leaving home and can’t remember what it was. At this point I had my Hebrew blog going, I had my Hebrew mailing list, and my Facebook page just went over a thousand likes. But still, something eluded me.

A few days later, I was watching Fantasy High, a show about a tabletop D&D game set in a world created by the fantastic and talented Brennan Lee Mulligan. The show immediately sucked me into this wonderful world set in Elmville. I felt that tingling in my fingers again. I needed to write about this show. Then it hit me. I completely stopped writing about my gaming and reading and other geek stuff. I usually did those on this blog or on a Facebook page I used to manage. When I set up my Hebrew blog, I didn’t think immediately about gaming and about geekdom. My Hebrew readers usually get short stories from me, and posts about gaming did not fit.
So, for 2019, I decided to bring this blog back to life. The focus will be to talk about the geek experiences I partake in. There are so many things I want to share with you about Fantasy High’s characters, for instance.

2018 was a mess. I can’t guarantee 2019 will be less so. So here’s to making dreams come true in 2019, being kind and doing the best you can. Love you all and talk soon.


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