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Open Letter to Electronic Arts and Bioware

My name is Oren Cohen, 29 years old and I’m a Computer Science student in Israel. I’m also an avid fan of the Mass Effect series since the first game and up until Andromeda. I’ve written today because I had enough. I had enough of the hate I see online for Andromeda. I had enough of the half made attempts to improve upon a game I felt so attached to, and was only slightly disappointed by. Let’s just put this on the table. You, EA, made a mistake. You put a high bar expectation for a game which leaves everything players loved behind. Can you so blindly believe that Andromeda will rake in so much just because it has “Mass Effect” in the title? This is an entirely new game which simply shares history with a previous game you made. For me, it’s like saying that Anthem, your new game in development, is set in the same world of the Dragon Age series, just in the future. If it were true, it wouldn’t automatically make me want to buy this game.
Andromeda felt rushed. I was disappointed to see the weak facial expressions. The real blow was that line where Addison says “my face looks like…” and I was like “wait, what? are they kidding me?”. Anyway, the situation you’re in now is the result of your actions. There is no doubt about that and you probably know it and accept it as well.
Your real choice now is this. Close or shelf the franchise and crystallize our disappointment to the point where even if a new mass effect game or DLC will come out, it won’t have the same impact as before. The internet remembers everything.
You can show that you own your mistakes. You can think about a solution to keep Mass Effect in our lives in some capacity or another. May I suggest a Kickstarter? I don’t know why you haven’t done it in the first place if you felt the amount of time and money you need would not suffice to optimize the game. If people love Mass Effect so much, let us put our money where our mouth is and give us a chance to create a game together, or improve upon the existing one, so that people will feel good about it. You can also create a Kickstarter for an expansion.
Obsidian created Pillars of Eternity 1 which I supported and they are in the process of developing Pillars of Eternity 2. Which I will support soon. Why can’t you do such a thing?
If you are so bent on creating everything when the power and money are all your own, well, at least give us a modding opportunity to create our own content in the game. You made Mass effect an open world. it’s only natural we would like to create our own adventures in this world.
The world offers many opportunities to keep Mass Effect alive. We know we want Mass Effect to keep on living.
How much do you?

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