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Thoughts About LifeLine Whiteout

Aaand it’s time for another Lifeline Blog!! SPOILER ALERT!

I’m really happy they don’t have huge time gaps between their release!
The game I’m writing about this time is Lifeline Whiteout! If you’ve read my previous┬álifeline┬áposts you know I tend to be very positive towards these games because they touch my soul on a level a game hadn’t done before.
This time my┬áprotagonist was a guy waking up in the middle of nowhere. He doesn’t remember who he is, what he is doing there and it seems like he is in pain. His name is Adams.
Then, Adams and I bonded a bit while I helped him go over stuff and start making sense of the situation he is in. After some deliberation we decided Adams will head out towards 2 places he thought of going. Each time we were getting hints of something not quite right but without any real way to put a finger on it. First it was the toothless guy who tried to murder him, second it was the helicopter shot down.
Then, Adams meets his furry friend Blue. and I was so happy he got a friend. Lifeline journies are usually a solitary experience for the protagonist and you yourself are his/her’s only comrade. Blue proved to be a loyal companion. and I love him for it.
During the experience I always got the impression I had to make a very survivalist decision for Adams or tend to go with the more humane side of things. This was an integral part of the experience for in the end we realized Adams is not entirely Human but rather a very sophisticated robot. Only, he is special since he developed a very keen awakening and was actually thinking he was human.
Adams’ brother revealed this by mutilating himself when both he and Adams were imprisoned. He also helped Adams escape his cell and then Adams released Blue.
Everything became very fast paced from that moment on. Like in all Lifeline experiences, Adams was almost in constant contact with you throughout the end and you had to make snap comments that helped his course stay true. I couldn’t believe we succeeded in tricking the doctor in the end and Adams finally escaped leaving the doctor trapped in the machine! The facility was overloaded and then explosions erupted but Adams got away.
I knew this wasn’t the end because he asked me then the most important question a robot can ask a human – “Should I be more Human? Or more Machine?” It was the most powerful conversation with Adams at least for me and it was good it was kept as the last.
Of course I chose Human.

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  1. C C

    How did you end up tricking the doctor?

    • Oren Oren

      Hey! I was during finals so wasn’t around.
      If it’s still relevant, I ended up tricking the doctor going through with the procedure and in the last possible minute take down the helmet. Once it’s over you also have to make sure you are acting up and not running away so any soldiers left believe the doctor’s transition was successful!

  2. Oren Oren

    Did you see that there’s a continuation to V.Adams story on Lifeline Library?

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