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Lifeline Silent Night Review

Lifeline Silent Night is the continuation of Lifeline 1 which I wrote about here.
As always you have one Spoiler Alert!! Go play this game if you haven’t already!!
lifeline silent night

Still here? Great!
Okay, so before I kick off the discussion about Silent Night, I want to revisit Lifeline 1 for a few seconds.
After I completed it the first time, Lifeline was updated to include a prelude to Lifeline: Silent Night. Immediately I jumped on the hype train to have another go in the first Lifeline to experience it. It was actually an amazing piece of Story! in it, you are in contact with a marine named Melanie Chior. She is a Viridian Actual(I don’t know what that means).
She is part of a squad assigned to investigate Taylor’s adventure on the moon(which is what you experienced alongside Taylor on the first game). Simply put – it was a losing game. in that little sliver(which turned out to be spread upon a few hours, a nice free bonus for your money) you experienced Mel fail to save herself and her crew in every possible ending. in every ending she gets to be taken by the green creatures and become “infested”(is that even the right word to what they do?) afterwards they use the ship to go find Taylor.
That, is the prelude to Lifeline Silent Night.
With that, I can start talking about the actual Silent Night game!
You see, in Silent Night Taylor contacts you again. The game can go in two major ways. First if you recognize Taylor(because you were the one who helped Taylor back then) and then you’d pick that choice OR you could state “Who is this?” and ignore the recognition options and Taylor will go along with explaining what had happened before and you will have some bonding time.
In regards to mechanics, this game includes a view of the ship that Taylor is on and you can see where the transmission is coming from during every conversation. Silent Night does not make use of the name getting mechanic like in Lifeline 2. That’s understandable because this is a continuation to a game. it will be kind of out of character for Taylor to ask “Hey BTW I never asked for your name can you type it in?”. Nevertheless, the game is just as awesome without that little mechanic.
This story is much more heartfelt when playing the thread of recognizing Taylor. Much more rewarding in my experience.
Silent Night is about the green aliens getting a chance to terminate Taylor because Taylor has escaped them and knows too much. This results in them coming to the ship Taylor is on now, trying to infest everyone on board and terminate / infest Taylor as well.
During this game you will explore the ship with Taylor and experience the results of the attack of the aliens. They come under the cover of a friendly ship and they strike as soon as they come in contact with the ship crew.
The first part of the journey will be to understand what the hell is going on. Afterwards, you will need to help Taylor stay in a safe spot so he can work on a solution to the problem. then, you will need to help him execute his solution.
That means going to take some ingredients from various places on the ship. Running from the aliens in other parts of the ship and watch them capture crew mates. Essentially, all the parts of a really good survival story. If you haven’t explored Tungsten, or encouraged Taylor to take some – I highly recommend taking some! Only with it, you can unlock the best ending! The climax arrives when Taylor realizes that only with a sacrifice the surviving crew can be saved from the aliens. Taylor conveys that sacrifice to you. That was when I felt a twitch in my heart and felt like I’m going to lose a close friend. I was amazed a story can make you feel this way. I read many books which made me feel a lot of things. But usually in a book, the main protagonist is not in contact with you and talks to you. You’re an invisible tourist in their adventure. Therefore it’s a different kind of experience. Here with Taylor I could express my feelings.
To my amazement, using Tungsten unlocked an ending where Taylor is presumably saved by a mysterious figure.
Now, if you remember my Lifeline 2 review, I have hinted there that I may have a theory as to how Taylor, Arika and Rand can meet. I experienced this Ending after playing Lifeline 2. Although I haven’t wrote their reviews in a respective manner I did play them as they came out and Silent Night came out after Lifeline 2. Now, this whole Tungsten surreal experience that Taylor is part of in that ending, is highly similar to what Arika experiences when opening the portal to get Rand. Therefore I have to assume that somehow, it must be rand or someone from the Ether who comes to rescue Taylor in the middle of space.
I really do hope that is the case but as long as Taylor is Alive I will take whatever conclusion I can.
Now I wait to the next installment in the series. I have confidence it can be as awesome as the rest. Why? Well, Stories deal with a powerful emotional experience. Other games will have to take into account the fact that visually appealing games have a tremendous effect on the emotional experience of a player. therefore no toppling them in sequels will be a huge no-no for players. The Lifeline franchise doesn’t suffer from this problem. They only have to deliver a powerful emotional experience through a good story. Not an easy task but certainly easier than making a sequel to The Witcher 3 for example.
And now, we wait.

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  1. Rhelna Rhelna

    This actually sounds so awesome. I hadn’t heard of Lifeline before but it definitely sounds like it’s worth a play through.

    • Oren Oren

      If you happen to play it, come back and tell me what you thought of it! 🙂
      I’d love to chat on Lifeline!

      • Rhelna Rhelna

        Yeah, I’m in the process of playing it. So far I’ve only gotten to the third day before Taylor was basically taken over by that iridescent green parasite. I’ve gone back a couple of days to try and play it out differently. I was so invested in it though that it actually came as a shock when he died. Really good writing. Taylor’s hilarious.

        • Oren Oren

          Taylor is awesome 🙂
          I’m happy that you’re playing the first game before playing this one! it’s really important because in Silent Night you can claim you recognise Taylor and the game takes on a more personal route 🙂
          Have fun and keep me updated!

          • Rhelna Rhelna

            Just started Silent Night and about to start Lifeline 2. Also saw that Lifelife: Whiteout is out as well. Going to jump on that the second that I’ve finished 2 and Silent Night. These games are amazing.

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