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Lifeline Review

Have you ever thought about what happens in space? What life would be like on a space ship? Or living on a different planet than Earth? I always loved Sci-Fi but less for the perspective and more for the concept itself. Thinking about space, aliens, our future and whatever the advancement of technology might bring about in our lives. Lifeline gave me that lacking perspective about space and surviving in space that I lacked.

I will say right now that the rest of this article is littered with small spoilers about Lifeline 1. If you haven’t played it yet and don’t want me to spoil it for you – retreat from this article now, but do come back to tell me what you think of the game after you play it!
Lifeline can be found on whatever platform you’re using. Visit Lifeline’s website for more details.

Lifeline is the story of Taylor. A young person whose ship got crashed on a moon. Taylor survives the crash and uses a communication device to send out a signal to any who would listen. Surprisingly enough, that’s where you come in. You help Taylor take decisions that could either spell death or propel the story forward.
The story spans around 3 days, depending how much you look at your smartphone. Usually if notifications are on, you will get Taylor’s messages in the same manner you receive Facebook or SMS messages. It’s a text-based game without any special graphics. it does have ambient music and some SFX sounds but other than that, its power is in its text.
I must confess. I really love role-playing games. This, was an entirely different experience for me. I had meaningful discussions with Taylor over the span of my few days with the game. Taylor can also die if you’re not careful enough in your instructions(remember that miserable stone boulder you insisted Taylor should climb?). Still, as long I could get the story going I had interesting conversations with Taylor and I was thoroughly enjoying the experience of being asked about my opinion in casual matters from an astronaut trapped on a moon.
At some point in the story you realize Taylor is not alone on that moon. You also have the ability to save the captain of the ship – Aya – Simply by your instructions to Taylor. What’s even more amazing is that pure logic is needed, and maybe a little knowledge about wounds to actually make it through. Not some complex logic you need to figure out.
The game reaches a climactic event when Taylor find out that beside Captain Aya, there are aliens on the planet – and not the good kind. Those aliens, little green things, are very dangerous and exhibit some form of mind-control or indoctrination.
I…will leave you to find out how the story goes on from that point on because even if you already played – what happens in the peak stays in the peak, right?
Anyway, Lifeline is one of those games where multiple endings are available because of the nature of the story and your role in it. There is more than one ending and some of them are bad. Especially if it’s an ending where Taylor doesn’t survive. But there are also multiple endings where he does survive and that is entirely up to you to bring him to the best one. Yes, there is a best ending.
My experience taught me that being kind and level-headed was the best way to go. Let Taylor do things that you would do when your own safety was on the line.
By the way, another interesting fact about this game is that Taylor’s gender is never revealed(and thus I haven’t related to Taylor in a specific gender throughout this article, to respect that). So if you like, you can treat Taylor as either a male or a female. Doesn’t really matter and the game will still feel right. equally respectful is the fact that the game will also never ask your gender as well. I can’t even begin to fathom how hard it is to design a character this way. Not because one gender is preferred over the other but simply because choosing some facts(like gender) for a character you create, makes them easier to establish. The developers certainly hadn’t made their lives any easier writing the character of Taylor and I applaud them for it.
Have you enjoyed playing Lifeline? Did you like Taylor? Let me know in the comments! I really liked this game and will forever mark it a special experience.
Talk soon and thanks for visiting!

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