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Terry Goodkind once wrote in his series – Sword of Truth – The follwing ‘Wizard Rule’: “People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they fear it is true or they want it to be true”. In light of the shooting in Orlando, that “rule” resurfaced in my mind and I want to share my thoughts, as a tribute to those who lost their life and to people in general.

Well, the aformentioned ‘rule’ can be applied to today as well. Why the hell would someone go and shoot a bunch of people having fun? because these PEOPLE are labeled gay? or lesbian? Let’s apply the ‘rule’ to that person who took the shots at the poor 49 victims. What was he thinking? He pledged alliegance to ISIS so I’m not at all surprised. Was he thinking that LGBTQ people bring disease was true? Was he fearing that God would punish all of us because of “their” continued existence? Or something else entirely? Probably something along those lines. A person who applies healthy reason does not deduct that because people are different then they should be eliminated. Difference is what makes us special and interesting.
Seriously, if everyone had brown eyes, black hair, fair skin color and one set of beliefs – Wouldn’t this world be a lot more boring?
I’m only 28 y/o but I can safely say that I have lived hundreds of lives. I was Paul Atreides learning the ways of the Fremen and the Spice. I was Richard Rahl learning the ways of magic and the rules of Wizarding. I was Thomas escaping the maze. I was katniss everdeen fighting for freedom. I was Clary Fray learning the ways of shadowhunters. I was Jon Snow, Cersei, Sansa, Arya and numerous other characters from “A song of Ice and Fire”. I was Harry Potter learning to accept he is a wizard and growing up. I was Finn surviving in Incarceron, and the list goes on and on..
I have learned much from these alternate lives. I have learned that we seriously know nothing. Not about ourselves as Human Beings and not on the world we live in.
Up until a few years ago, Scientists believed that when a person grows up his brain becomes fixed and from there, the brain is going one way towards death. Then, came brain plasticity. One search on Google for academic articles on Brain Plasticity will show you the sheer amount of research done in the fairly new area. ┬áIn a nut shell, Brain plasticity means that the brain can adapt to new experiences. When you learn a new language or learn a new instrument – that’s Brain Plasticity at work. It makes it so you have to concentrate less on what you are doing and simply do it automatically. For example – driving a car. Remember how at first it seemed challenging and now it’s second nature? Yes. That’s Brain Plasticity.
Discovering brain plasticity should have enforced in the human society that differences between us are merely choices. Instead, those who do know about the fairly new research use it to further antagonize certain groups(saying things like Gay people are sick let’s help them change back). Brain Plasticity is the sheer force of free will realized in the human body. In a world where people can change their Gender through surgery – Do you really believe someone is not able to change their sexual orientation? I take that as an example to relate specifically to the Orlando shooting. These people that were shot – Chose how to lead their life. People in the world choose to be many things. and ALL should be respected for their choices. Shooting someone because of a choice they made is not what Humanity is about.
Some people choose to be Religious. Some people choose to be Atheists. Some make poorer choices. Some make brave choices. The only thing we can’t change is what we got from birth. Those choices weren’t ours but rather our parents’ choices. That wall will be breached soon too as new research that allows DNA sequences to be edited is coming to fruition in the next few years.
In conclusion, my message to the world is this: “United we Stand”. The universe is a big place. We’re not far from the day where we will introduce ourselves as Humanity to a different species. It can happen in the next few months or it can happen in the next few years. It will happen eventually. So take this lesson to heart. Respect your friends for their lifestyle unless it’s harmful and destructive – then instead try to help them. Some of us make poor choices. and above all else: Learn. Listen. Accept new ideas. Immerse yourself in other lives by reading books and expand your horizons. That is what Humanity is about. at least for me. Don’t lead a life of “yes that’s how everyone is doing it, I should do it too” Or “Everyone hates this [social group] I will hate them too”.
If you’re religious – Learn about other religions. If you’re straight – Don’t act any differently to your gay friends than you act to your straight friends. If you’re white – Well, I don’t even have to finish that sentence.
I seriously believe that the world as we know it, is shaped by a very small portion of people who are louder than the rest. Don’t let that get to you. Use common sense. Use your brain.
And to all the families of the lost, I grieve with you for the senseless loss of Human life.

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