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Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer

Guys! This just got released on Game of Thrones’ YouTube and Facebook channels:

Let’s touch briefly about some things that happen in this trailer before I go watch it 100 more times 😛
The North:

  • Sansa got control of Winterfell?! That’s a damn feat for her! (Was that Tyrion in the background? or Littlefinger?)
  • Roose and Crazyboy seems to be having some dispute about something? could this be the trigger that allows Sansa to take over? (Better yet, does she orchestrate it?)
  • Jon Snow still seems a bit dead.
  • Melisandre seems to be going through a Change of Heart? It’s the first time ever she opens up her dress reluctantly.
  • What does the Onion Knight have to do with Jon’s sword?
  • Bran is having some kind of vision where he sees the cold king. I wonder what that’s all about.


  • Arya seems to be in training. Got hit pretty bad there no? But those eyes!

King’s Landing:

  • Great Sparrow seems to be controlling the city still.
  • Cercei chooses violence.
  • The king is still a boy? I hope Tommen doesn’t do something very stupid.
  • Is Margaery still alive there in that dungeon? she was seen for a split second!

The south:

  • Where are the Dornish men?! Not a single Dornish cast member was shown.
  • It seems Myrcella didn’t survive.


  • Daenerys seems to be taken into a slave city of some sort. Is this a relapse to season 1?
  • Jorah seems to have found the ring! Will he go after Daenerys?

Let me know if I missed anything! (which I probably did!)
All in all this is still going to be updated but for now it seems this teaser trailer doesn’t show us any new cast members and teases about where we left off.

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