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Dimension 20: Fantasy High

Hey peoples!
I want to talk to you about a fantastic show I’ve been watching for the past several weeks. Its name is Dimension 20: Fantasy High.
The show is a series of D&D sessions. The Dungeon Master, Brennan Lee Mulligan, unveils a rich world, filled with fantastic creatures set in a place very similar to our contemporary world called Elmville.
The players, who are all known cast members on CollegeHumor, created their characters in this world. What I love about this series so much is that there is a ton of relatable content. The characters are all real people with dreams, faults, and fears. Brennan is the kind of DM who knows all the rules but is also the kind of DM who wants to preserve your experience. I have seen all of the episodes released so far ( sixteen as of writing), and never seen Brennan fault a special move just because the rules won’t allow it.

Next week, Dropout will release the last episode of Fantasy High. I will wait to watch it and then I am going to re-watch the entire season and write a post about each episode, every week. The reason for this is because I like this show and it deserves a rewatch. Also, this show is filled with so many genuine emotions and relatable moments between people that I have to write about. This kind of content is what inspires my writing almost as much as real-life events.

I also want to mention that Brennan celebrated his birthday, yesterday.
Happy Birthday, Brennan!
Thank you for creating one of the best shows I’ve seen to this day. I’m an avid Role-Playing gamer, and even though I don’t currently participate in D&D sessions with friends (In Israel finding a D&D party has proved to be harder than I thought it would be), I still love playing those RPG games.
And also, thank you for being the kindest person I’ve ever witnessed. I hope to meet you one day, so I can also say you are the most compassionate person I ever met. You are indeed a hero to me, Brennan, thank you so much! You have inspired my writing in more ways than one, and I hope to share the fantasy world I’m building with you one day.

Here’s the first episode of Fantasy High on YouTube. Subscribe to Dropout if you’d like to support the making of this show.

Also, get hooked to it and let me know in the comments so we can talk about it!

Love you guys,

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