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Deadpool Review

I will give you a spoiler alert. But be warned – if you haven’t watched Deadpool yet, you need to fix this. NOW.
Still here? Great!! There are so many little things I really liked about Deadpool which I want to cover!
First off, come on – The “Credits” at the beginning? This was awesome! a really great takeoff to the video lots of fun laughs, tribute to the writers (which are amazing by the way, writing a great movie is hard work!) The total douche one really got me laughing so I knew this movie is starting on the right track.
Fast forward to meeting Vanessa. I didn’t recognize her at first but she was one of those characters which you wouldn’t believe were actually a part of that club wade is visiting. I mean she had a rough childhood and all that jazz, we got that. but then after spending some time together she’s a really nice person having a normal life. A bit strange no? wasn’t really critical because I get that she was hurt wade left without saying a word. Maybe that got her having a normal life again? Or she’s still depressed?
Anyway, fast forward to wade going through with the offer. We all know the story of how Deadpool became who he is(and if you’re reading this and only know it from the movie, maybe you should read the comic too), seeing it on the big screen was great. Also, did you recognize this right away?
I haven’t realized Francis is actually the same actor of the original Daario Naharis from Game of Thrones. I only discovered it through a group on Facebook a few days after I’ve seen the movie. Deadpool’s “rivalry” with Francis was really cool especially since Francis is an emotionless bastard and Deadpool is actually the opposite in some regards.
The whole shady organization has a meaning. This isn’t the same company whose companies interact with other Marvel movies and with Agents of Shield but still, the bad guys were based inside a helicarrier. It was a nice touch and maybe it heralds some cooperation with other Marvel creations? Only time will tell.
Deadpool’s X-men friends were a nice touch but it was really suspicious that you only see 2 of them. As I understand it, and correct me if I’m wrong, Deadpool is occurring AFTER the events of X-men Apocalypse so we need to wait for that one to see what happens to the rest of the X-men.
This was a really great introduction to Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds was born to play him. Besides, everything that happens around the movie itself, all the commercials and all the helpful videos published¬†were hilarious and spot on towards the movie. At the end he got the girl, she doesn’t hate his face and there’s even a spoiler about this guy named Cable to appear in the next movie.
Overall, Deadpool was an astonishingly good movie! I’m waiting for the sequel and for him to appear in other movies as well!
Did you like it? What was your favorite scene? Mine was the lecture at the end where colossus is trying to make deadpool spare francis and he just shoots him after a few moments “You were taking too long!” There were a lot of good moments like the Hugh Jackman magazine and Green Lantern and oh oh breaking the fourth wall moments! like joking about Batman and Robin that was hilarious! Good times! Let me know in the comments what you liked about the movie!

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