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Captain America: Civil War – New Trailer

Hey guys! Have you seen this?!?

I can’t believe after years of waiting we’re finally going to see a reunion of the avengers with Spiderman!!! I mean I would have preferred to see this coming during the movie itself but hey its not like they’re keeping it a secret anymore. I guess the ultimate movie would be one where there are many heroes, Spiderman and DEADPOOL! 😛 (Yes, I’m still affected by lingering deadpoolness from the movie).
Now that we dealt with the Spiderman hype let’s get to more thoughtful topics:
What the hell are they fighting about?!
Well, unfortunately comics are not my forte. What I assume from the trailer is that they actually fight about whether to continue the Avengers or lay down their arms and Bucky is also thrown in somewhere in the mix. This is consistent with The avengers 2 where Scarlet Witch amplified his fears first introduced in his own movie – Iron man 3. Since that movie these fears or panic attacks were not resolved. I mean sure Iron Man persevered but we didn’t see any noticeable change of heart. Tony is witty but still deep down he is fragile. That’s why he covers himself with his suits.
Captain America didn’t change from any previous videos. I don’t see this movie coming from Cap disagreeing with the world but rather the opposite. Something happens that makes Tony and others who support him to turn their backs. but What?! Some argued this could be somehow related to alien influence from Thanos first introduced in the first Avengers movie from 2012 in the credits.
I sincerely hope there is a meaningful reason behind this “civil war”. There should be a damn good reason. Thanos is a good enough theory for now.
Do you have any ideas to what the Civil war is about?

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