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Baldur's Gate – My Achilles hill

I have a confession to make. I’ve been calling myself an RPG gamer for a while, yet there is one game I hadn’t played for a long time. Yes – Baldur’s Gate!
It’s one of those games that contributed or founded the RPG genre of today. Can you imagine what RPG games would look like if BG was never created? Pillars of Eternity is one of those games which are heavily influenced by BG. I played PoE and that was before playing BG. I never realized the likeness, until now.
I started playing Baldur’s Gate a few days ago. It was on sale on GOG. I knew it must be done someday and I was planning to do it for a while. it cost me around 7.99 dollars which was an amazing price for the Enhanced Edition.
I strongly believe that if you had not played the original version of a game when it came out – you missed out on it. Why? well, do you honestly believe you can enjoy a game from around 20 years ago after your mind has been influenced by games such as Dragon Age: Inquisition? The Witcher 3? those are visually amazing games. When playing these games you set your mind to get used to them and not be amazed anymore when you play them. the downside of this is also “growing out” of older games which are not as visually appealing as the newer games you play.
I admit I have the same problem with Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, though the EE itself has made the visual experience a lot better. The visual experience is now similar to PoE with this game. Environments look stunning. Music and voice-over are equally appealing. With that in mind I started playing.
Almost immediately I was hit with a wave of awesomeness with the opening sequence and the music. I instantly saw the benefits of the EE as a polished UI appeared. One of the things I thought when I first started playing was “Great! this won’t be another NWN where my characters walks at a ‘throw-something-at-the-computer’ pace”. NWN 2 players will understand me perfectly.
I started with the tutorial which was easy enough. It was kind of like a 4th wall breaker because they kept talking about pressing buttons and about the UI and the “real world” that awaits.
The funny thing was that as soon as you start the real Baldur’s Gate – another tutorial is around CandleKeep with all the old people spread around the keep. It’s rather optional because you don’t have to talk to them so I do see the benefit of creating the other tutorial for people with no experience in these sort of games.
I grieved my foster father like any new player will do after leaving the sheltering CandleKeep and then I set out to right the wrongs of the world.
In Nashkel I perceived my first Dungeon mission which was the Nashkel mines. Dungeons in BG are awesome and multi-leveled apparently. I liked how you can see the entire dungeon by pressing the ‘m’ button in the keyboard. Makes it easy to understand the layout of the area and I like it better than a minimap.
Then, I set out to find this crazy guy killing people and destroying iron carts. After I found him, I retrieved him alive.
Don’t judge! Even in Mass Effect I could never use “Renegade” options. I’m a good diplomatic charismatic guy!
Now I’m on my way to continue this epic story. Once I’m done you will receive the complete review. Did you play Baldur’s Gate? if you’re interested you can find it here on GOG.
Let me know in the comments what you liked about it! – No spoilers please!

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